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Čo si zbaliť na dovolenku? Máme 10 tipov s ktorými to hravo zvládneš

An open empty suitcase and you sit on the bedside. You do not know what you have to pack for a holiday that will begin in a few hours. The situation is even worse if you travel with a low-cost airline , in which case it is almost impossible to get into the allowed dimensions. How can they want a week stay for example without hair irons?


Is this situation known to you? If so, read on, we can help you avoid a lesser panic.

1. Create a list

The Internet is full of long detailed lists of things you could pack on holiday. At first glance, they are inspiring, but we vote for our own hand and our own brain-generated list. Will you help with the following questions:

What are the restrictions on luggage?

Do you plan to spend a holiday or hike?

Are you going to a safe country full of street lamps or exotic parts of the world?

We recommend dividing items into individual categories, such as the most important things (passport, travel insurance, medication, etc.), clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and so on.

2. Download the map in advance

Are you among those people who realize that they do not exactly know where their hotel is located after arrival? Are you sorry for your vacations that you did not walk any more? You need a map. Today, it is almost obvious to everyone that this device does not have to be in paper form, but we recommend that you download it to your phone in advance. It is an unpleasant idea, but you do not always have access to the Internet. MAPS.ME is an application that is available for free and is also reliable.

3. Think of an external charger

GPS is a great thing, but it literally takes the battery on your phone. You will be able to get rid of it too quickly by shooting or connecting to the internet to run Moviebox for iPhone X. Often you just have a little older phone and your flashlight will not last until you arrive at the hotel. If you plan to spend your entire holiday 100 meters from the beach, the charged phone will not be a priority for you. But if you want to know the city on your own, an external charger will become your love at first glance.

4. Should I take a towel?

What to pack for a holiday to the sea? The towel can unnecessarily take hold of the hill in the luggage, where it literally sits every centimeter. If you’re traveling to a better hotel, packing a towel is unnecessary. However, if you want to use the beach lying on the beach or just travel with a small backpack, you will definitely appreciate the towels. Buy them in many sports stores. After rollover, they reach approximately the volume of the Coca-Cola single or 1 liter bottle. Plus, their full bonus is that they are fast-drying – they will be dry in a few hours.

5. Get rid of „smart“ clothes

By the way, you will appreciate especially non- biting clothes. For who only wants to come to vacation and pull out a shirt or a shirt that looks like a cow herd. Very practical pieces of clothing are especially merino wool shirts  that you do not need to iron and are very airy. Plus they absorb the sweat . You can have them on their own for a few days without feeling the rest. Clearly, clothes need to be washed and changed, but sometimes, especially on long journeys, such a little trick certainly will not hurt 🙂

A bit more elegant piece for girls and women are definitely high quality non-jerky blouses that are airy, pleasant and protect the skin from burning. In the trunk they take up the space of the withdrawn fist, and as a full bonus look they are very feminine.

If you want to take a favorite thing that cuddles, take it off. And take all the things in your bag . Clothes that have been rolled out appear to be much less protruding when taken out of their luggage than things that have been folded.

And the last advice for the girls, take your scarf with you. The scarf is a great multipurpose piece of clothing. You will appreciate it especially on a plane or bus with a strong air conditioning where you can shift it over your shoulder as a sweater. On the beach where you can lie down and sunbathe on it. You can also use it for skimping or as a dress or skirt. Likewise, the scarf will also be used to walk in the direct sun. You can bite it around your head and protect yourself from burning.

6. Combine

Take a few shirts and coats (but none of us want under the puzzles of the map 🙂 and 2-3 pieces of the bottom parts. With their combination, you can easily get a new outfit for every day of the week.

7. Visualize your luggage

Do you never know what you need in the trunk? When you get to the shorts, you must first remove five shirts and two sweaters from it first? And then he’s still troubling other shorts until you find what you want? The well-known trick of each traveler is fabric (or plastic) zip pockets of all possible dimensions. Several pockets that have different colors or are transparent will save you a real hill of time. If you look for those shorts, you can find them right away „on the first“ in their pockets with shorts 🙂

8. Rule 1/3

This rule applies especially to women. It is said that you only need 1/3 of the handy hand you pull out of the cabinet. So if you take 30 shirts with you, 20 of them will not even get out of the suitcase.

9. Footwear by destination

Boots, jumpers, rubber boots, ankle boots, and you happen to have packed them „for sure“? And finally he did not use them at all. The second reason for the unnecessarily heavier suitcase is fashion. Before deciding what shoes to suit your chosen outfit, let me know where you are going. To a city located on a hill (Porto)? Or somewhere where the temperature never falls below 25 degrees?

10. Heavy books are difficult

Fixed-line books are not very busy with baggage constraints. But not with you as long as you go for a backpack. So if you do not want or can not buy scheduled reading in a paperback version, the reader will help you. Another solution is to download a book to a tablet.


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